Digital Cryptocurrency Mining. Servilogic through its subsidiary JL Trade Enterprises in Venezuela offers its hosting service for mining equipment. Our subsidiary has adequate facilities, preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment, constant supervision of mining processes, qualified technical advice and low operating cost for the necessary hardware, which translates into performance and profitability. The facilities offer high levels of security, discretion, energy sources and stable internet. Your equipment will be in the best hands. This activity is carried out in compliance with all the legal and environmental regulations provided by the laws of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Servilogic mining solutions


Provide products and services in the area of ​​mining of cryptocurrencies and related activities, satisfying the requirements of customers in a competitive manner, under the principles of sustainable development, ensuring the profitability of the business in the long term.


Become a reference at national and international level in the topics related to hosting, mining, and in general to the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies, as a company oriented to maximize the productivity and profitability of our customers.

Cryptocurrency Mining

Cryptocurrency mining is the activity through which new cryptoactives are issued and confirm transactions in a blockchain network.

How to do it depends on the algorithm used by the network to reach distributed consensus:

Types of Cryptocurrency Mining

Work Test (Proof-of-Work, PoW)

Proof of Participation (Proof-of-Stake, PoS)

Capacity Test (Proof-of-Capacity, PoC)

Mining under Proof of Work

Work Test (Proof-of-Work, PoW)

In the Work Test (PoW) system, the miners use teams with powerful processors (commercial or specialized) to solve hashes that, once solved, allow them to propose the next block of transactions to add in the chain of blocks and collect the reward for it, valued in cryptocurrencies.

Hosting Service

Every day is more public and notorious the benefits of the mining of cryptocurrencies worldwide, almost daily news is read about investments of large capital for the lifting of mining farms.

The problems of noise, heat, Internet connection and high power consumption make it difficult to mine Cryptocurrencies.

The objective of the Hosting service offered by the company Servilogica, is to provide the cryptocurrency miners with all the services related to this activity. The hardware housing for mining is an essential service for those who do not have the conditions or the adequate facilities for the correct performance of the equipment.

It is important to highlight that through the Hosting no processing power is rented to undermine as other companies do. In contrast, people who are interested in mining will receive all the advice prior to the purchase of the equipment, and people who already have the equipment, will have all the services for the mining and maintenance required.

The mining equipment housed in our facilities belong to their owners, they have access to remote monitoring and they receive the production of the miners in their own Wallet.


Our facilities have all the facilities and optimal conditions for the proper care of the equipment.

Legal Backing

Our company keeps up to date the required permits according to the Venezuelan Legal System for the correct performance of the cryptocurrency mining activities.

The clients have the support of a detailed contract of the conditions provided for the hosting service.

24 Hour Monitoring

Servilogic has a multidisciplinary team of professional people duly trained for 24-hour monitoring to ensure the correct performance of the equipment.

Customers will have access to remote monitoring of equipment for peace of mind.

Payment of production

The production of the machines will go directly to the customers’ Wallet, who once the payment is received, will transfer the percentage referring to the hosting service.